Dec 14, 2010

Musings on the Construction of a Nuclear Kazoo

I chose the URL "Nuclear Kazoo" not because I am actually in possession of such a frightening and beautiful instrument, but because I believe it would be a bold venture, worthy of jubilation, to create such a thing (if its powers are used only for the betterment of the human collective), and because this blog will hopefully become a nuclear kazoo of sorts and sound the powerful music of truth to the furthest reaches of cyberspace.  I also felt that people would easily be able to commit the title to memory, thus more easily immersing themselves in my online musings.

For those of you who know me, I am a man of few opinions, and these often go unexpressed to the general public.  However, when I have something to make known to the universe, I will do my utmost to make it known on this blog.  I pray that this nuclear kazoo will unlock its inner abilities and discover the power, which I know it contains, to clarify and express my often seemingly untranslatable thoughts.  I may seem a visionary, to hope for such a thing, but a world devoid of visionaries is a world devoid of invention and furthermore, nuclear kazoos.

P.S. Do I believe the creation of a nuclear kazoo to be an actual possibility which may unveil itself in the coming years?  Yes, I wholeheartedly believe we can construct a very literal and actual nuclear kazoo and possibly even multiple nuclear kazoos in the near future if the peoples of the Earth combine their efforts and strive for this one dream of eternal glory and grandeur.


  1. Henry, this post just made my day. So did your blog. I believe that we can all be our own nuclear kazoos! :)

  2. I bet North Korea has one...I mean, they are Asians ;)