Dec 22, 2010

A Dream

For a long time now, I have had a dream.  I have dreamed that one day, the snow would come, but the snowplows would not.  Some say this is madness, that no one would be able to leave their homes, see each other, obtain groceries, or survive the week.  I argue the contrary.  It would push people backwards, into another time.  A time without cars and other modern complications.  It would help people realize that there are other people on Earth too; that walking somewhere may be less convenient, but you can discover so much more; that we function with so much surplus and we really don't need most of the things we have.  However, I've realized that you can't force people think or act the way you want them to (that's Lucifer's plan), and most people would insist on chaining their tires and driving everywhere come hell or high water.  So for now, I mostly want the plows to break down so that I can ski down the hill by my house.


  1. I would love it if I could ski with you down that hill. Only if. haha

  2. Crazy: I have the same dream!