May 17, 2011

Post-Midnight Musings on a Mellow Kazoo

Disclaimer:  This stuff doesn't mean anything.  Don't expect to have your horizons broadened.  Furthermore, don't judge my mental condition based on this glowing example of brain vomit.  This is not a message to the masses.  It's something else.

In order to bring myself into conformity with the vast majority of my time zone, I'm probably supposed to be sleeping right now.  But sleep happens every day.

I'm in a musical group of sorts.  We are not called Lionel Pritchert and the Wolfington Brothers.  We are also not called the Robo Goats.  We are also not called Toxic Sloth or even Red and the Left Butt-Cheeks.  I also didn't change my name to Charizard or Jethro Moonquaker.  "Why not?" you may ask.  Well, I didn't think of changing my name to those things until now, and I don't really have plans to quake the moon, so that name would be impractical.

If human existence were to be compared to a road... actually, let's not.  That road would be much too disorienting to think about seriously.

Sometimes the world inside my head replaces the real world and I get lost in ideas rather than concrete occurences and things.  Days and nights like that are depressing to me.  My thoughts are all vying to be seen as most important, and by so doing they crowd out reality and make me lose sight of meaning.  There are a lot of thoughts out there.  Do we have to be rooted in reality to find meaning?  Do we need meaning?  I SUPPOSE THAT IT HELPS IN COMMUNICATION.  I wasn't yelling; my pinky slipped.

In a world where people don't care about each other, where is the meaning?  Why do people put value on things that are actually worthless?  Is confusion so widespread that people begin to value pieces of paper more than people?  Have humans progressed as a race for thousands of years simply in order to better compete with each other?  When people compete, what do they think they're going to gain from winning?  Is evolution so cruel that when the bare essentials for survival have all been accounted for, we instantly turn to the violent destruction of others?  Why can't people care more about other people?  Why can't I follow my own advice without resistance?  Have I put up barriers to reduce my love and protect myself?  Yeah.  Havn't most people done the same?  I don't know.  My walled mind is a safe place, but is it a happy place?

Walking around outside is good for the bones as well as the mind.  I would recommend it to myself more often.  You can have a reason, or you can not have a reason.  Walking is one of those things that doesn't require such trivialities.

May 8, 2011

The Black Mirror

Yeah.  Think about it for a minute.

What do you see reflected in a black mirror?  You see the absence of existence.  You have a clear window to the void.  When you look in a normal mirror, you see yourself, and remember past events which have shaped your current person.  When I look into a mirror, I hope to see a friend to many, and an enemy to none.  I hope to see a person who would care about me if I was someone else.  I hope to see a person devoid of pride, and bursting with charity.  I hope to see one with a great capacity for love and forgiveness.  I can't say that I ever fully see that, but I want to see it.

The black mirror comes into existence, or rather replaces existence, when one ceases to be a human, and becomes the void.  If we give nothing and take everything then what are we but living vacuums?  Perhaps even mosquitoes on the arm of the human race.  Vacuums, mosquitoes, and black mirrors all suck.  I hope to never subscribe to the self-absorbed lies of the world.  When one ceases to be interested in people, and instead takes stock in things, their reflection is a shadow, and their impact on humanity is negative.  I want to fill the void within myself and others; I want to fill it with things of lasting and true importance.