May 8, 2011

The Black Mirror

Yeah.  Think about it for a minute.

What do you see reflected in a black mirror?  You see the absence of existence.  You have a clear window to the void.  When you look in a normal mirror, you see yourself, and remember past events which have shaped your current person.  When I look into a mirror, I hope to see a friend to many, and an enemy to none.  I hope to see a person who would care about me if I was someone else.  I hope to see a person devoid of pride, and bursting with charity.  I hope to see one with a great capacity for love and forgiveness.  I can't say that I ever fully see that, but I want to see it.

The black mirror comes into existence, or rather replaces existence, when one ceases to be a human, and becomes the void.  If we give nothing and take everything then what are we but living vacuums?  Perhaps even mosquitoes on the arm of the human race.  Vacuums, mosquitoes, and black mirrors all suck.  I hope to never subscribe to the self-absorbed lies of the world.  When one ceases to be interested in people, and instead takes stock in things, their reflection is a shadow, and their impact on humanity is negative.  I want to fill the void within myself and others; I want to fill it with things of lasting and true importance.


  1. Very interesting. Those are very good intentions, Henry. They really are reflected in your character. I am curious, though. Do actual black mirrors exist or are they purely representational for the purposes of this blog post? Because--and I guess this strengthens your purpose--I see no point to having a black mirror.

  2. Purely representational. Just an idea. Like money and a nuclear kazoo. And chocolate wheat thins.

  3. My favorite line by far is "Vacuums, mosquitoes, and black mirrors all suck." Amen.